Friday, 23 March 2012

Brick-wall compared with Plywood Partition

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a plywood partition over B.B. wall?
ANS:  1. BB wall is much cheaper than plywood partition.          
          2. Plywood partitions can catch fire, whereas BB wall can never.
          3. BB wall is much sturdier and stable than plywood partition.
   4. Plywood partition has low load-bearing-strength compared to the
       BB wall.
   5. Plywood partition can get damaged in moist conditions.
    6. Partitions are light in weight and can be easily used as
        light weight construction material. Whereas, the BB wall warrants
        either a good foundation or a beam below.
    7. Plywood partitions can be shifted to a different location with very
        little damages. One cannot reuse the BB wall material after
    8. The erection time for plywood partition is much lesser than the
        BB wall.
          9. The floor-place occupied by a partition is much lesser than that of
              the BB wall.

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